The economy, technology, and nature of work are changing at an increasing rate.


This creates new problems for the economic resilience of Americans that will require innovative entrepreneurial solutions. 



Changes in the economy, technology, and work are causing new problems for the economic resilience of Americans. 

Entrepreneurial solutions are needed but are limited by an ecosystem that (1) waits for solutions to be created then reactively invests and (2) excludes potential founders that would be best positioned to start companies that advance economic resilience.


INVANTI proactively invests in creating new impact ventures by starting pre-idea and pre-team.

We recruit latent founder talent - people without ideas, but with personal or transferable experiences and skills - and use research, networks, and processes to help them understand problems deeply, create innovative solutions, and launch new companies.


Our Competitive Advantage

We recruit a profile of founder talent that is going almost entirely untapped - those that do not already have ideas but have personal or transferable experience that would make them great founders. We intentionally recruit women and minority founders.

Our location in a city like South Bend, Indiana allows us unique transparency into factors that influence economic resilience - allowing founders to discover, validate, and test quickly. 

Maria/Dustin, nice to be connected. I would love to hear more about INVANTI. I'm looking for a problem to work on. I'm hoping to get out of the NYC tech bubble a bit. Let me know when a good time to talk would be!

- Sr. Software Engineer, NYC

And if he had not made the move from India to Indiana, Hurry Home probably would not have emerged. It took living in South Bend, a city emblematic of so many others, to uncover a specific financing problem and discover great houses for around $50,000, to dream up yet one more way to improve consumers' financial health.

- American Banker


Our Verticals

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Maria Gibbs, Ph.D | Managing Partner

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BS in Civil Engineering, Duke University
Ph.D. in Structural Engineering, University of Notre Dame


Dustin Mix, Managing Partner

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BS & MS in Civil Engineering, University of Notre Dame
MS in Tech. & Entrepreneurship, University of Notre Dame

 Advisory Board

Andrea Anderson | Head of UX, Guidewire; background in corporate innovation, human-centered design, and technology

Susan Ford | President at SEMMA Health; background in talent recruitment and development, organizational development, and leadership

Brendan Maher | VP of Integrated Capital at Heron Foundation; background in hedge funds, finance, and impact investing

Sydney Thomas | Senior Associate at Precursor Ventures; background in early-stage investing, start-ups, and public policy

Jeff Woodward | Partner at Taylor English Duma, LLP; former and founding board member of startup accelerator Village Capital

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 Our Partners