Jessica is Founding Increment


Welcome to INVANTI Founders' Stories, where Dustin Mix and Maria Gibbs interview INVANTI founders about their backgrounds, how they ended up at INVANTI, what they explored while they were here, and ultimately what venture they have built.

In this third episode, Dustin and Maria interview Cohort 2 member Jessica Lee. Originally from southeastern Virginia, Jessica moved to South Bend for INVANTI from New York City. While in college, Jessica started a company to utilize the power of crowdfunding to raise capital for local businesses and in the time since worked at four technology startup companies in San Francisco including Stripe.

Jessica is emerging from this 6-month cohort as the founder of Increment. Increment believes that the trend of manufacturers automating their production processes has been accelerating and will continue to accelerate over the next 10-20 years. Many fear that this trend is resulting in workers being displaced, but Jessica has found that the pressing question on manufacturers’ minds is how to upskill workers internally to adapt to the new technologies. Increment provides a SaaS solution to help small-to-mid-sized manufacturers create a clear, data-driven picture of their internal skills gap. By aggregating data about the skills that each employee has and then tying it to other metrics, such as production data, HR managers and training directors get a visual, customizable dashboard showing them where the specific gaps are and what they are costing the company. Increment will then be able to make recommendations on training programs that may help fill the gaps and measure their effectiveness, creating a full lifecycle of upskilling metrics.

This conversation covers why Jessica chose INVANTI and entrepreneurship, how she discovered the problems that led to Increment’s solution, and where this new company is going in the next 3-6 months.

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