Kyra is Founding Inspectus


Welcome to INVANTI Founders' Stories, where Dustin Mix and Maria Gibbs interview INVANTI founders about their backgrounds, how they ended up at INVANTI, what they explored while they were here, and ultimately what venture they have built.

In this fourth episode, Dustin and Maria interview Cohort 2 member Kyra McAndrews. Originally from New York City, Kyra moved to South Bend for INVANTI from Washington DC. Having never identified as an entrepreneur, she brought with her experience and enthusiasm for venture development and social entrepreneurship and a knack for translating muddled start-up ideas into viable market opportunities.

Kyra is emerging from this 6-month cohort as the founder of Inspectus. Inspectus believes that navigating how to open a restaurant is inherently stressful, but made even more difficult since food establishments have to deal with multiple layers of compliance, from building and fire code to food safety regulation. Independent owners find themselves not knowing which codes apply to their business, what inspections they need to get, what order to get the inspections in, and what options they have to pass regulation. Inspectus provides step-by-step guidance to navigating local compliance so independent restaurant owners can make the decisions that fit the budget, timeline, and vision of their food establishments.

This conversation covers why Kyra chose INVANTI and entrepreneurship, how she discovered the problems that led to Inspectus’ solution, and where this new company is going in the next 3-6 months.

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