Activating entrepreneurial talent to solve important problems. 


INVANTI is a startup generator in the Midwest. 

We recruit entrepreneurial talent and provide them deep insight into the most important problems facing Americans today. We then generate new solutions and business models and ultimately build companies that matter.



Entrepreneurship that Matters

We believe that impact in entrepreneurship comes from aligning incentives. Whether in finance, healthcare, or workforce development, many private sector solutions have business models that pit the business against the customer. We concentrate on generating solutions and business models that align stakeholders, leading to businesses that create long-term value.



Talent with Purpose

There is a myth that you must have an idea to be an entrepreneur. We passionately disagree. Entrepreneurs solve problems for people. We find people who have the itch to start something impactful, but have yet to find an idea worthy of taking the entrepreneurial jump. We put these people in front of problems that have immense opportunities to start businesses with a purpose that justifies the time and effort that goes into a startup.


Betting on the Midwest

We call South Bend, IN and the Midwest at-large, home. We strongly believe that building companies here is a competitive advantage. The cost of living is low, we can test solutions cheaply and quickly, and most importantly, the problems we work on hit home in our community. If you want to build an impactful company, there is no better place to do it than here in the Midwest.  


News & Press

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