What is the studio?

We've spent the last three years learning how to help people thoughtfully make progress toward starting something they care about. Our studio reflects this through three core elements:


Engage with our pre-idea to pilot process using our digital whiteboard workspaces and embedded video and written guides.


Sign up for a sprint to hold yourself accountable to making dedicated progress within a set timeframe.


In the Initiators Guild, connect with our team to get your questions answered and check out weekly resources and reads. Explore and join Partner Guilds to connect with like-minded peers and get support from resource partners.

The ongoing support is critical because the journey isn't linear. If they only provided an 8-week program, I would've been lost in the ether of "sprints". But the emphasis on ongoing support allowed me to come to certain realities and understandings of myself and my idea on my own time, while still having access to key resources.

Micheal M.

I'm grateful to be on the [second iteration of my prototype], having started the Concept Sprint with little more than an idea. Having to put words to my idea solidifies it, helps me communicate it clearly, and is the launching point for gaining feedback on what users really need and want.

Sarah S.

The sprint has been so incredible! I truly appreciate the help and support from the team! I’m really proud to have done all this research. I plan to still be around and rejoin the sprint in April or May and interview more people during this month! The studio is AMAZING!

Junchi L.