Build your own entrepreneurship Studio

Your organization is great at attracting entrepreneurial talent, and you have the resources to support great concepts. Once you engage new talent, your goal becomes to support these individuals with the right resources to help them build meaningful and impactful solutions. However, you may struggle to find a systematic way to activate your talent and help them create viable entrepreneurial opportunities that align with your organization's mission and assets.

Working with the INVANTI Studio Builder helps you align your people's entrepreneurial pursuits with your organization's mission and assets, assuring outcomes that work for both your talent and your organization. Using our process, accountability and community structure, your Studio is the place for your people to brainstorm, design and build their entrepreneurial projects. The Studio not only facilitates, but also guides your people through exploring relevant problems to creating evidence-based ideas and finally executing pilots of viable solutions.


Design your studio

You'll define your ideal outcomes and target studio members, and our INVANTI studio builder team will work with you to customize workspaces, frameworks and program structure that serve your organization's needs.


Invite people to your custom entrepreneurship studio, where they will have access to your workspaces, process and resources. You will be able to view, share feedback and support their progress asynchronously.

Invest in progress and iterate

Act on the solutions that emerge, knowing that the problems and solutions have been well vetted and your people have the confidence to take the next step. We'll help you analyze what's working in your Studio and make changes to increase the frequency of your ideal outcomes.


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