People are the Portfolio

For us, the studio is a place to build long-term relationships with entrepreneurial people.

We believe there are a lot of people in the world who have what it takes to turn their unique experiences and skillsets into impactful companies, but never get a chance to start them. We want to support these people to not just pursue a specific idea, but to pursue a lifetime of ideas.

We need more people enabled and emboldened to look at problems in new ways and to try new things, and the studio is a place to do that.

Meet some of our members

Our community is by and for folks who don’t tend to see themselves reflected in typical entrepreneurship spaces and messaging.

Studio members are predominantly female and mostly hail from backgrounds outside of tech. The pre-idea founders who make up our membership come from 18 different states, all looking for a home to use their own lived experience to build solutions solving problems they care about amongst others who wish to do the same.

We seek not to design for, but with our founders, to build lasting solutions for real problems affecting our own communities.