INVANTI is a startup studio in the Midwest. 

We believe there is immense value to be unlocked by building companies that give people more control over reaching their potential.

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Entrepreneurship that Matters

Childcare, housing, transportation, employment, financial health, owning a business - these are the topics that permeate daily conversations across the country. Many products and services available today are simply not designed for most people. We focus on learning everything we can about where the current solutions break down and building new companies that fill the gaps.


Talent with Purpose

We believe there is a lot of untapped entrepreneurial talent in the world. Two things are getting in the way of activating these diverse and ambitious individuals from building big, impactful companies. First, they need the time and space to understand how their personal experiences and skillsets can contribute to solving an important problem. Second, they need the the freedom to deeply explore and understand how that problem affects people and communities, in order to uncover a unique insight that can lead to a scalable company. We invest in founders before they have ideas because we believe it gives us an advantage in creating companies that can grow and last.

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Betting on the Midwest

We call South Bend, Indiana, and the Midwest at-large, home. The problems we work on hit home in our community, which we think enables us to better build impactful companies. We are betting that there is a new entrepreneurial identity to be built in the Midwest - one where creative investment and business models enable technology to address problems that affect the majority of Americans. 

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INVANTI characterize[s] a lot of what is special about South Bend...

What that takes more than anything else is courage, creativity, and ideas. So when you see a group of motivated, intelligent, diverse, high-energy people like the people here, this is the stuff that innovation and economic growth is made of.”

– Mayor Pete Buttigieg | Pete Buttigieg in Conversation with INVANTI